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W Premiums international Premium Rate Provider

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We understand payment is important for you. We provide very reliable payment with money partners to offer global wire to ensure the payment will be on your hand on time.

Guinea Gamma 9
Kiribati 2
Latvia 353719030559
Liberia National 4231904024
Lithuania 13709109019
Madagascar 3
Maldives 1096097446
Mauritania 4222274774
Mauritania 7222202699
Nicaragua 35058890609
North Korea 285044976
Papua New Guinea 4675770097
Sao Tome 4239188752
Seychelles 1248642124
Sierra leone 1232240010
Sierra Leone Nation 423221391
Soloman 2677812863
Somalia Nation 1325299033
Somalia national 5
St kitts 2186966118
Tunisia 1216527194

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W Premiums is a market leader in international premium rate numbers.

Our headquarter office is based in Taipei, Taiwan with regional office in Hong Kong.

We are formed by group of professionals in this industry with the mission to provide the most advanced and
reliable Premium rate number telecommunications services to customers around the world by enabling individuals and businesses to communicate, interact and transact anywhere with greater flexibility.
IPRN is a popular method for charging the end users for a variety services of content. They are used to bill your customers for voice data such as voting, live chats, TV games, quizzes, shows, horoscopes, internet access, adult chat, call center solution and various application.

We can provide tailor-made and professional consultancy service and various IVR application to fulfill your business needs. We offer Number Panel Network solution login so you can online access to your traffic report.