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The Best Premium Rate Numbers in the Business

Set your business up for success with a reliable and lucrative number from W Premiums. We provide both domestic and international premium rate numbers for businesses around the world. When you get a premium rate number from us you can be confident you’re investing in one of the highest rates in the market with a guaranteed weekly payout from reliable providers.

From India to the UK, Get a Premium Rate Number Anywhere in the World

Premium rate numbers are our core business and we’ve worked hard to develop a service which offers the highest rates in the industry. W premiums provides audio text services to clients globally in more than 100 countries including the India, the Philippines, the UK, US, and Australia.

A premium rate telephone number is a popular micro-billing service that enables you to bill your users by simply making the calls. The charge of the call is paid to you, the service provider; so the more minutes a client spends on the phone, the more money you make. Some popular services which use our premium numbers include live chat, adult recordings, horoscopes, tech support, directory enquiries, competitions, conference calls, quiz shows, and television show voting. Our business has expanded to include over 8000 customers worldwide and continues to grow as our reputation for reliability and transparency spreads. 

Our professional team will help you set up and our panel is provided for you at free of charge with a real time monitoring system so you can keep abreast of your traffic. All our number ranges are available on weekly payment term and negotiable daily rates. So whether you want to get a number and set up an adult chat line in the Philippines or a tech support service in the UK, W Premiums can work with you to develop a custom service that’s suited to your business. For more information, please contact our expert sales team using the online enquiry form.