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Frequently Asked Questions:

What can international premium rate solutions do for me?

We provide premium rate numbers to what ever solution you do. Some of our clients are working on TV show, Quiz, Chat line, conference bridge or our IVR hosting. We will pay you every single minute connecting to our numbers. You just focus on promoting the numbers locally and generating the minutes.

How can be delivered for my traffic?
We provide our IVR hosting. You can deliver your traffic to our Interactive Voice Record(IVR) or your own IVR. Alternatively, we can forward the call to your switch by VOIP at free of charge or we can forward thru PSNT at a very small cost.

How much time does it take to register for my new account?
Contact us. Our team will create a new account for your in 15 minutes. It is free of charge.

What is the frequency of payments?
All of our solutions are offered on weekly payment terms. Daily rates can be negotiated.

How is money transferred?
We can wire the payment thru Bank transfer, western union, money gram, skrill or any other money agent available in your region.

Can the rates and terms be negotiated?
Yes. We hope build up the trust and traffic with you. Daily payment term or high payout can be further negotiated depending on the traffic volume.

Do you have online panel:

Yes. The panel is protected by password. You can access live stat, historical call reports, our test number database, rate card and analytical access list. You can create your own sub clients in our reseller panel.

Can my sub-clients access online panel?
Yes. You will manage your sub client and assign the login password for them. You can allocate or unallocated the numbers to them and they can access the panel to see their own traffic. You will have fully control and monitor their activities.

Are you a registered company?
Yes. We are direct source number providers. So we can guarantee the best rate and most reliable payment in the market.

How to start?
Contact us. We will help set up account for you. All is free of charge and we will pay you on your traffic.